There are several types of visa available: tourist, business, private visitor visa and transit.

Tourist visa is issued for tourists who have confirmed their accommodations in Russia. This visa is issued for single and double entries for a period of 25 days maximum. You do not need to buy a touring package to obtain this kind of visa. Instead you may contact a visa agency.

Business visa is more flexible in that it is valid up to 60 days and does not require that you pre-book accomodation in St. Petersburg. Ypu don't really need to be involved in any kind of business in order to get one, you simply need to provide the embassy/consulate with a stamped letter of invitation from a registered business organization in Russia. This can be arranged by a visa operator.

Private visa is issued if you are invited by your friends or relatives in Russia.

An agency is employed to obtain a visa for you. Upon your arrival the visa is registered at the hostel/hotel where you stay. Please direct your further inquiries on visa and accomodation to Independent Traveller's Advisor or simply fill this form.

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