Independent Traveller's Choice

We hate Soviet-style organized trips! All the agents want to sell you a packaged deal including 30 minute tour of the Hermitage, the 15 minute trip round the Peterhof and the five hours in tourist shop to buy ashtrays with poor paintings of the Amber room on the base.

The rest of the day you spend in a tourist bus: waiting in traffic delays, fighting with headache and wondering at guide's unfitness. Then you are flocked to an Intourist restaurant.

It is up to an independent traveller to decide what to do and where to go. You have your own right for that, and we can help!

We offer flexible, 'technical' assistance, that is:

  • meeting you at the airport, train or bus station;
  • taking you to your hotel or hostel, we may also arrange your accomodation and help with the visa;
  • we arrange meal, make reservations in restaurants for you;
  • help you to create a suitable itinerary, we may also arrange transportation;
  • guiding, upon your preference (also available in German);
  • booking theatre tickets;
  • souvenirs directly from an artist, great discounts;
  • translation to English or German -- anytime, anywhere;
  • access to Internet and e-mail...
  • Its just like hiring a stand-by information office, available any time.

    Please, write to receive more information. We would love to hear your comments, suggestions and questions.

    Last, not least... We offer quality service at remarkably low cost. The regualar high season (April 15 - September 20) charge is only US$ 50 (1 day of sightseeing, individuals and small groups) Mail us to find out more.

    Please, take a minute to fill in this brief form.

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