• The Admiralty Side: The Hermitage, The Russian Museum, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Saviour on Blood Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Summer Gardens.

  • Vasilyevsky Island: Kunstkamera, Naval Museum, The 12 Collegia, Menshikov Palace.

  • The Petrograd Side: Peter and Paul's Fortress and Cathedral.

  • The Vyborg Side
  • The City Layout

    Central St. Petersburg is divided by distributaries of the Neva River into four sections. The Admiralty Side lies along the left (south) bank of the Neva itself. Between the two major arms of the Neva, the Bolshaya (Great) Neva and the Malaya (Little) Neva, is Vasilyevsky Island. The Malaya Neva and the distributary known as the Bolshaya Nevka enclose a group of islands known as the Petrograd Side, while east of the Bolshaya Nevka and north of the Neva lies the Vyborg Side.

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