Tips on packing your luggage

Warm season clothing:
  • a waterproof jacket or a compact umbrella
  • an anti-mosquito plug or barrier/treatment cream
  • thick socks and some thermal underwear
  • Cold season clothing:
  • thermal underwear and thick socks
  • a pair of boots with non-slip soles
  • gloves, a hat or scarf that cover your face
  • Cigarettes
    nearly all western brands are available in St. Petersburg. The prices vary from US$ 0.1 to US$ 1.5

  • Computers
    If bringing a portable computer into the country, write it in your customs declaration and avoid putting it through X-ray (insinst on a hand examination). When using a PC in Russia be wary of the fluctuations in the electricity current.

  • Contraceptives
    Condoms are available in most pharmacies, but neither the Russian ones nor the imported brands are trustworthy, so it makes sense to your own. The same goes for any other method of contraception that you might use.

  • Electricity
    A standart 220 volts AC; most European appliances should work as long as you have and adapter for European-style 2-pin round plugs. North Americans will need this plus a transformer.

  • Film and Photos
    The number of outlets for Western color film has increased rapidly. when leaving the country put films in your pocket, as Russian film-safe X-rays do not live up to the name.

  • Tampons
    Widely available all over town.Imported brands can be found in super-markets and pharmacies.

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